Don't Be Afraid of the Prophets of Doom | Rebbe Gottlieb

Rebbe Avraham Mordechai Gottlieb is one of the foremost Kabbalah teachers in the world today and has written and edited more than 40 books on Kabbalah and Torah. He is founder and spiritual leader of Beit Midrash Birkat Shalom Ashlag.

Rebbe Gottlieb received the wisdom of Kabbalah from Rebbe Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag ztz”l, the disciple and son of Rebbe Yehudah Leib HaLevi Ashlag ztz”l, the Baal HaSulam. He is founder and spiritual leader of Beit Midrash Birkat Shalom located in Kiryat Yearim near Jerusalem and also in Bnei Brak. Learning at the Beit Midrash is enlightening, surprising, revolutionary, challenging, and very different from the way Torah is generally being learned today. The focus is on how to actually develop spiritually through Torah and mitzvot. All are welcome to take part in this great light.

Kabbalah, the most inner aspect of the Torah, has until our present time been hidden. This divine wisdom is now becoming increasingly revealed in the world. Kabbalah gives us deep insight into understanding our inner selves and the purpose of our lives. Kabbalah describes the system of the upper spiritual worlds at the root of our material reality and gives us powerful tools to align ourselves to our spiritual roots to attain inner peace and true happiness. We are presented with an alternative to the brokenness of our present social systems and are guided in how to build a more just and secure society in which all of humanity is truly caring for one another. Kabbalah presents us with deep insight and guidance in our evolution of consciousness both individually and globally. Kabbalah explains that fixing our world involves our working to develop true love for one another and develop our faith in the divine goodness at the source of everything happening in our lives. Kabbalah provides us with the tools to attain this.

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