Kabbalah Torah – with eng sub test

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The wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of the revelation of the Creator to His creatures in the divine consciousness – it is called the wisdom of acceptance and not the wisdom of influence by the name of its purpose, which must be accepted in order to have an effect. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the only wisdom in the world, which deals beyond time and place, the lack of exchange and exchange beyond appearance and physical illusion. All the other wisdom deals with time and place, or at the level of the animal soul at the bottom of the world of action, which is also a nice step compared to normal animality, but everything is within the framework of the physical illusion and the living animal soul, but the wisdom of Kabbalah is the only one in the world that deals completely beyond the physical, and even beyond the physical (matter) of spirituality . Many misunderstand the wisdom of practical Kabbalah and think that it is nonsense and illusions in the physical, but actually Dakdosha Kabbalah comes to connect the person to the levels of prophecy and the Holy Spirit which are above the world of illusion, above the dead-empty-S to the truth found in the divine imagination corrected by comparing the form to God. . The lecturer has been involved in Kabbalah since the age of 15 and has poured his blood on the wisdom of the truth and spreading it, therefore the things are presented from the depths of the soul and the depth of the flesh. May we be blessed with the comparison of the form and connection with God, Amen.